Fame does not always work to our advantage

Fame Does Not Always Work to Our Advantage

Our world abounds with a large number of people who are passionately longing to achieve instant fame. They enthusiastically go through fire and water to rise to fame overnight. They seemingly find reputation, power, wealth, honor, and respect in fame while they simply wink at the myriad vicissitudes brought about by that so-called fame. They ignore the fact that this fame will be a millstone around their neck. After one reaches the pinnacle of fame and experiences it for a while, he finds tranquility in descending that pick. He realizes that ascending it more will result in megalomania, the thirst which can never be quenched. His cupidity for aggrandizement will definitely culminate in a point where no way out of it will be possible.

Unexceptionally, fame cajoles everyone into walking tall. We get too big for our boots. We become vainglorious about both the wealth we possess, and the reputation we have acquired. We might give others a supercilious smile and speak to our fans in a brusque tone since we imagine that we are God’s gift to mankind and expect to be deified and eulogized as heroes or heroines. This results in engaging ourselves in wool-gathering believing that we should be awarded everything with no limitations. We even dare to overstep the mark and start feathering our own nests without paying attention to what is going on around us.

The problem is also aggravated when, as a person in the public eye, you are placed on the pedestal and adored as a paragon of virtue, honesty, generosity, and humanity for the people. I personally hold that this very point can be assumed as the most important drawback to being well-known. You cannot easily duck the issue. You have to be absolutely meticulous enough not to perpetrate even the slightest wrongdoing since you are expected to be an impeccable figure in society. Under the vigilant eyes of the people who constantly make every effort to find fault with you just to make a mountain out of a molehill, it sounds quite impossible to conceal your defects. People never consent to a paragon’s fallibility. We must confess that we are not innocent not to commit any sins. Soon we give up and wish to have an anonymous life.

At the top of the agenda stand the issues of celebrities. As a celebrity, you cannot keep the doors shut to the cheeky interviewers who rudely try to penetrate your private life in an attempt to find some breaking news to garnish their newspaper headlines. In so doing they might lay all aspects of your private life bare and fling mud at you. Your personality is also at stake by the false stories they make up just to sell more copies. as a famous figure your public life is also fraught with its own demerits. It most often happens that you are persistently asked for autographs or photographs. If you refuse, you will be accused of being arrogant. You have to attend the society in disguise. You can’t simply reject thousands of invitation letters asking you to take part in a live TV show. Most of the celebrities, as we hear and see, get into trouble with their joint lives. Their marriages do not work properly and eventually end in divorce. Jealousy and cheating are most often found among celebrities. Besides, people usually accuse them of things even if they are found guilty of no counts. They just want to see them split up.

Let me sum up our long story. You might simply imagine that your fame will earn you big bucks since you can easily hit the Jack pot as a result of your fame and your bucks will help you be noticed and adored as a big wig. You never think about the obsessions which your wealth will bring in its wake. Charity appeals will demandingly be asking for help. Begging letters will never stop. Your blood relatives will throw big bashes in your honor to butter you up so that they might pave the way to borrow a little of your money. Neighbors’ falttery will preoccupy your mind. You won’t be able to sort our the hypocritical faces from honest ones. You will soon be surrounded by some new friends who little by little turn out to be some fair-weather ones. As soon as you get stony broke, your so-called cronies will abandon you. Only after you are totally fed up with such a pesky condition will you make up your mind to dismount the high horse you had been riding. Isn’t it really wonderful to keep a low profile and live in anonymity?


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