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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Beauty is only skin Deep

The aesthetic appreciation possessed intrinsically by human beings allows them to neglect the fact that beauty does not reside on the outlook appearance of a person. It should be definitely Borne in mind that outward beauty is the sheer manifestation of inward one. We can never deny the fact that the beauty which resides in somebody’s face might enchant the observer’s susceptible eyes. It certainly makes your heart sink after coming across the true beauty, of course, if you are jealous of it. Inward beauty, on the contrary, entrances the heart. Heartfelt beauty remains for good, but as soon as one begins to get wrinkles on his or her face, the exemplary beauty fades away and the old saying which goes “out of sight out, of mind” comes in right here, and the true meaning of beauty emerges. That is to say, if your beauty resides inside, it never gets out of mind. It remains in the memory of people.

By no means am I trying to urge the readers to change their minds about the concept of beauty. Beauty is undeniably welcomed by anyone who possesses safe wisdom. But this outward beauty, consciously or unconsciously, works to people’s disadvantage in some cases. The following lines will help us understand the fact more and lead us to have second thoughts on outward beauty.

Some people might develop an aristocratic manner due to their transient beauty. They might strut their stuff. They mistakenly consider themselves as blue-blooded ones. Contemptuous look on others does appear most often on their faces. For them, their beauty is the only distinctive feature that segregates them from their peers. This seemingly distinctive feature turns their gorgeous faces into a haughty one. They even might go further to reply to the others with haughty disdain since they start to think that they are a cat’s whiskers. At the opposite side of the fence stand the people with beauteous hearts in whose veins flows the blood of kindness, honesty, generosity, and devotion towards their fellows. This is amazingly ineffable. This is eternal beauty bedazzles the beholders. It is never lacerated since it is invincible against the elapse of time. The invincibility of this inward beauty contributes to the eternity of one’s name. It is certainly sufficient for a man to be remembered for good deeds. Faces are usually forgotten, but the deeds stick in people’s minds. You make a splash with your deeds rather than your look. Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover, fades in his eyes, and pools on him.

It must be unanimously confirmed that a villain’s ravishingly beautiful face is bloated by his villainous misdemeanor. The other way round is also true. A person possessing beauty on the inside appears ineffably lovely in the eyes of the public. Cleopatra may have not been beautiful but she was incredibly fascinating. She had intelligence, grace, wit, and ambition. These trades attracted both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. She was also loved by many of her people. She took an interest in her subjects and their welfare.

Something felt by the heart is never forgotten. Beauty on the inside captures the hearts. But beauty on the outside captures the eyes. An ugly face is usually covered behind a person’s benevolent heart. A good mixer’s warm communication with others is actually highlighted to add true beauty to his face. People are like stained-glass windows; They sparkle and shine when the sun is out. But when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects and shines in your eyes. It is not something physical.

The final word helps us realize the point to the full extent. If you want to enhance your physical attractiveness, become a valuable social partner. It can never be boosted through outward beauty. Look at what that did for Abraham Lincoln. During his lifetime, he was regarded as so ugly that he once quipped, ‘if I were too faced, do you think I would be wearing this one?’ Yet his physical features have become beloved, not because of their physical qualities per se, but because of what they stand for. “Handsome is as handsome does.” Do not forget the fact that there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.


Aesthetic: connected with beauty and study of beauty

Appreciation: 1. pleasure, 2. understanding

Intrinsically: naturally, as a part of one’s character

Neglect: ignore, disregard

Reside: stay, live, inhabit

Borne: p.p. of bear

Sheer: pure, without anything else, mixed with nothing else

Manifestation: presentation, depiction, the act of appearing

Enchant: attract, if something enchants you, you like it very much

Susceptible: unprotected, likely to suffer from or be affected by something

Entrances: if someone or something entrances you, they make you give all your attention to it because they are very beautiful, interesting, etc.

For good: forever

Wrinkles: lines on your face as a result of old age

Exemplary: excellent and providing a good example for others to follow

out of sight out, of mind: when you don’t see someone or something, you’ll forget them

emerge: start, appear, commence

undeniably: without a doubt, undoubtedly, definitely

consciously: attentively

aristocratic: noble

transient: temporary, short-lived

strut one’s stuff: to show one’s skills or abilities

blue-blooded: belonging to a royal or noble family

Contemptuous: prejudiced, contemptuous look gives the idea that others deserve no respect

Distinctive: distinguishing, differentiating, unique

Segregate: separate, make different

Seemingly: apparently

Haughty: proud, prejudiced

Disdain: contempt, scorn, arrogance, lordliness

cat’s whiskers: one of a kind, the best among others

beauteous: beautiful

vein: tubes inside the body through which blood flows to your heart

generosity: being generous, big-heartedness, munificence

devotion: strong love and affection

ineffable: too great to be described by words, indefinable, inconceivable

eternal: ageless, timeless, forever, everlasting, perpetual

bedazzle: amaze, astound, astonish, surprise, stupefy

beholder: spectator, bystander, eyewitness

lacerate: tear, shred, injure

invincible: impregnable, indestructible, unconquerable

elapse: flow, pass

sufficient: enough, adequate, decent

stick: remain, stay, persist

splash: display

unanimously: together, harmoniously, concurrently, undisputedly

villain: lawbreaker, outlaw, offender, wrongdoer, fraudster

ravishing: wonderful, magnificent, bewitching, exquisite

bloated: arrogant, magisterial, self-important

villainous: criminal, vicious, inhuman, depraved, knavish

misdemeanor: misdeed, offense, misbehavior, misconduct

fascinating: intriguing, irresistible, compelling, alluring

grace: courteousness, stylishness, mannerliness, politeness

wit: wisdom, intelligence, canniness, sagacity

ambition: desire, eagerness, keenness, contentment

trade: feature, attribute,

welfare: prosperity, advantage, fortune

capture: seize, conquer, attract, captivate

benevolent: kind, decent, sympathetic, compassionate, benign

stained-glass windows: windows whose glass is not very clean

sparkle: flash, blink, shimmer

reveal: disclose, let out, open up, unveil, publicize

to the full extent: completely, fully, wholly

enhance: complement, reinforce, supplement, elevate, embellish

boost: assist, escalate, expand, amplify

regard: consider, respect, interpret

quip: to say something clever and wise

per se: by itself, as such, alone, intrinsically, in essence, by definition

caterpillar: a small creature like a worm with many legs which develops into a butterfly


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